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Bulls Fan

Chicago Bulls Preseason Report 2014 posted by Bulls Fan

Chicago Bulls were able to show great promise even with some of the worst disasters the team had to face. With Luol Deng being dumped in January, and Derrick Rose suffering a debilitating injury, the prospects looked very bleak. However, the Bulls managed to turn it all around, and even though they lost five games to Washington Wizards in the playoffs first round, it seemed surprising. The team managed 69 points in its last game, even with a great defense. However, this shows that having a fantastic defense is not enough for winning.

The requirements of the Chicago Bulls were obvious, as they needed shooters who were good at spacing and creating shots. Derrick Rose was supposed to deliver, but the team did not expect everything from him after he came back. The team badly needed new talent, and they were playing very hard for each win. Therefore, in the postseason, Washington Wizards found it very easy to prepare against the Bulls.

Chicago Bulls had to trade two of the first-round choices, to take Doug McDermott who has great shooting skills, but lacks defense. The team also took Cameron Bairstow who had performed impressively in the summer league. However, the team has put considerable faith in McDermott, and it hopes this strategy produces much better results than the experiment with Erik Murphy.

Considering trades and free agency, Pau Gasol would be a great inclusion for improving the offense of Chicago Bulls. Noah and Gasol will be formidable in the frontcourt, and Kirk Hinrich who is a favorite of the coach Thibodeau is back as well. The decision about Anthony might have been disappointing for some Chicago fans, but the team requires firepower, and it has clearly drawn its strategy. With McDermott, Gasol, and Rose coming into the equation, the Bulls have much better chance in the championships next year.

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NBA News

NBA BasketBall Betting, the Top Teams and their Prospects for 2013, 2014 Season posted by NBA News

In the 2012, 2013 prediction of the NBA game seven, Miami Heat were the favorites to win according to basketball sports betting sites. They went ahead to win against the spurs. Miami Heat were defending their title for the second time. Spurs were not the favorites but they had raised hope in many people that they had a chance to take the title. Most odd makers had put odds in the fact that the game will be close. This prediction also came to be true with the final 95, 88 score. There are those that are looking for Miami Heat’s prospect for the 2013-2014 season.

Defending the Title

Miami Heat are favorites to win again in early predictions for this season. The Lebron James magic is expected to play out again as he leads his time to another victory and defend their title. Some predict that Lebron may retain his Most Valuable Player of the year title this coming season. He has consistently shown his skills in shooting, defending and attacking.

On the other hand it may be too early to judge. What are the real prospects of defending the title? Defending the title for the third time will not be that easy. There is talk of Dwayne Wade’s knee injury. Whether he will be part of the action next season and whether Lebron can do without him, is another important factor that will determine the prospects for the team this coming season.

Westbrook’s Return to Oklahoma City

Another team to watch is Oklahama City Thunder. Some odds place it second for the title after Miami Heat. Their prospects are also good. The team up of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook is going to be interesting to watch this season. The two are expected to help lead the team towards the title. However Russell has been on crutches and is widely expected to recover in time but how well he recovers and the level of his game remains to be seen.

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Bulls Fan

Are Chicago Bulls a Good Contender for NBA Basketball Wagers posted by Bulls Fan

The Chicago Bulls, who have always been one of the most successful teams and therefore favourites for people looking to place bets at the local bookies, received a major setback recently when they lost to Charlotte Bobcats with ten points, with a score of 91-81. This was quite unexpected, as the Bobcats had lost 18 games in a row before playing the Bulls. It is obvious that the team desperately needs Derrick Rose; however, this seems to be a distant possibility. The shooting by the Chicago Bulls was not only quite poor, but the defending play was also much below normal. Even though, Luol Deng made determined efforts, he was quite inefficient with 14 rebounds and only 19 points during the play quarter. The Chicago Bulls seemed to be trailing by 10 points from the beginning, which the home crowd found quite upsetting. The loss to Charlotte Bobcats has made the Bulls drop to 16-13 this season.  
Looking at the winnings, Chicago Bulls have managed five wins out of seven that were away from home. The Bulls in their home ground defeated Orlando Magic with a score of 99-93, in the first season game between the two. After that, Bulls have won the remaining four games with Orlando; however, they need to be much more aggressive if they want to stay in the season, after the surprising loss to the Bobcats. At the start of the season, Chicago Bulls stood at 6/1 odds on winning the NBA championship, but now it all seems to depend on Derrick’s comeback and how well he is able to perform. If the odds have reduced for Chicago Bulls for the championship, then it could also mean a good opportunity for confident fans to make a large profit by the end of the season.It may be worth doing a little more homework before making your choice but the opportunity has never been so great for placing and winning bets in recent years due to online gambling.  The gambling and betting industry as a whole has undergone a huge revolution with the advent of the Internet. For example people are now able to play any game at an online casino or place a bet on any game from the comfort of their homes. The aspect of security is also no longer an issue, as most of these websites are governed by some authoritative body, and all online money transactions are fully secure. For betting on favorite sports teams, people now have access to numerous online sports books, which are legally regulated and licensed. This means there is no longer any worry about receiving the winnings promptly, which used to be a big issue with underground bookies. 
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Richard Kagan

Step Up White Sox posted by Richard Kagan

I grew up watching and rooting for both the Cubs and White Sox.  Call me funny.  I am a die-hard Chicago fan.  I've cheered on the Bulls, Bears, and Hawks.  When the Sox won the Series in '05, I thought it was a mirage, till I woke up.  They really did win. 

Now, it's close to money time.  The ChiSox have won 2 straight fron New York.  I used to go see the Yanks and Sox play in old Comiskey.  Where the park was sold-out like some festival.  Everyone wanted to see Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle, Elston Howard, and Roger Maris.  Those were real Yankees.  Mickey was past his prime, but he stirred everyone when he came to the plate.  I  can't remember seeing Phil Rizutto, I am not sure he was playing, but they wre loaded.  And, still are offensively.  Now is the time to make a statement, because the Sox have power at the plate, and a good pitcher starting tonight. The Sox play well at home.  I am surprised they are not drawing bigger crowds.  Is there construction near the Dan Ryan? 

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Richard Kagan

Bulls Fall in Philly, 79-78 posted by Richard Kagan

I am a long-time Bulls fan.  I looked at the score in disbelief after not having seen the game tonight.  I saw a brief low-light of how Asik missed two FT's late in the game, and how Iguodala hit 2 FT's with 2.2 ticks on the clock to win the game.  Never mind the C.J. Watson's desperation heave at the buzzer was close---this was a game the Bulls should have won.  Even without Rose and Noah.  From what I can see, if you out-rebound a team by a lot, which Chicago did, you should win the game.  The Bulls owned the boards. Luol Deng played like an All-Star.  He had a double-double and came up big tonight.  Carlos Boozer had a 1-11 night and that hurt.   Why did Richard Hamilton see so many minutes?  Ok, he had 19 points, but 37 minutes is a lot for a guy who has not played that long in a game in many weeks.  That may be his most mnutes of the year.  I know, he's had the big game experience.  But if he's huffing and puffing, that's not going to score points.  I like the Bulls so much.  And it hurts to see a terrific team run into bad luck and bad games, particularly in Philadelphia.  Kyle Korver did not score at all.  Why?  There needed to be more effort in getting a man who can shot the three in rhythm, in a flow, where he can do some damage. 

Again it came down to misses and makes on the chariity strike line.  The Bulls could have wrapped this game up with a make by Asik.  But the 76'ers crushed the Bulls with their two makes. You can't play this game again---no do-overs.  This is not how I thought the Bulls would end their season.

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Richard Kagan

C'mon Bulls Win a Game posted by Richard Kagan

C'mon Chicago, win a home game in this crazy first-round matchup vs. the 76'ers.  The injury bug has submerged this team which is taking on water fast.  I hope they can step on a dry dock and salvage a game to extend this series. 

This Bulls miss Rose obviously, and without Noah, they look ordinary.  Joakim Noah is a heck of a player who does some big things like get offensive rebounds, play post-up defense, and creates screens for his teammates.  Oh, he has a ton of double-doubles if you want to check.  Every night it seems he scores 14 points and grabs 13 boards.  Some nights, it's 17 rebounds.  He is relentless on the glass and the Bulls miss that energy.  It will be tough to win against a young, hungry team that has some talented quick guys, but "tonight's the night", as Phil Collins once sang.  You have to win this game to move on to the next. I'd hate to see the season end on homecourt.

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Richard Kagan

Bulls In Shocking 1-3 Hole in Series posted by Richard Kagan

It  has become a grim fairy tale for the Chicago Bulls.  The team loses Derrick Rose, the reigning MVP, and team's leading scorer with a serious knee injury.  Then in Game 3 Joakim Noah sprains his left anke and is forced to leave the game.  The Bulls collapse in the closing minutes and hand over a crucial game to Philly.  In today's game, the Bulls trailed 80-78 in the fourth quarter but the 76'ers made the big plays down the stretch and pulled away from Chicago.  Now, the Bulls are a game from being out of the playoffs.  A prospect nearly unthinkable a few weeks ago.  But that's what injuries can do to a team.  Especially, if you miss two starters.  Chicago didn't make big baskets.  The offense was bottled up and the defense gave up big shots.  It seemed when Rose went down, the heart left the Bulls, and when Noah was hurt, the Bulls lost their resolve.  If you don't have that in elite competition, you are finished.  And The Bulls are dose to being finished this year.Continue reading "Bulls In Shocking 1-3 Hole in Series"

Richard Kagan

If Noah is Out, Bulls are Done posted by Richard Kagan

Things went from very bad to practically life-support for the Chicago Bulls when Joakim Noah sprained his ankle in the fourth quarter last night.  The Bulls had to change their game, and the 76'ers climbed back into a game they had no business winning, 79-74.  I am not going to give you stats tonight.  I am going to give you inpressions.  This series is looking bad for the Bulls.  If Noah can't suit up on Sunday, and that seems unlikely, the Bulls lose a key player.  A guy who has so many intangibles, aside from great inside defense, and rebounding.  Noah doesn't punish people, he justs does his job.  If someone gets in the way, they may get roughed up.  Tonight, Noah stepped on a Philly player and cried out in pain as he tumbled on the court near the base-line.  He tried to play later, but couldn't put pressure on his ankle.  The Bulls looked confounded, confused, and downright flustered as Philly crept back into it.  The fans, who were nervous, and expecting Philadelphia to fold before the No. 1 seed, came to life.  The Bulls looked like they were waiting on Rose to make a play except he was not in the game.  Neither was Noah and the offense disappeared.  All of a sudden, no one was scoring.  I don't want to look at the stats because it will be ugly.  Scoring 74 points isn't going to get it done in any game, certainly not in the playoffs. Continue reading "If Noah is Out, Bulls are Done"

Richard Kagan

Bulls on Brink? posted by Richard Kagan

The Bulls were losing by 20 points, guys were jamming and dunking and roaming the paint with little resistance and the 76'ers walk away with a huge win in game 2.  Suddenly, this has become a ssries.  The loss of DRose looms so large now.  Yes, the Bulls had a strong 2nd quarter and took a 7 point lead to half-time.  But, what happened in the 3rd quarter?  Philadelphia didn't go through the Bulls, they went over them with pinpoint passing, and a team of leapers who outplayed Chicago on their homecourt.  I knew this series wouldn't be easy, but now Phladelphia has serious mo' on their side.  They will continue to fly unless the Bulls find a way to stop them.  It appears that the injury to Rose has taken the fight out of the Bulls and that is something they've had all season.  This is one of the worst defeats at the most critical time.  I think the Bulls need a a day off.  The announcers on TNT were saying that Coach Thibodeau said that every guy needs to play a little better to make up for Rose's loss in lineup.  I'd say that didn't happen tonight.Continue reading "Bulls on Brink?"

Richard Kagan

Life Without Derrick In Playoffs posted by Richard Kagan

Chicago Bulls' superstar, Derrick Rose, is scheduled to have knee surgery to repair a torn ACL on his left knee.  The Chicago Bulls have been in mental transition the past few days, trying to accept this loss and getting on with their playoff run.  They've said all the right things.  "We have more than enough."  The Bulls did go 18-9 without Rose in the lineup.  But this is the NBA playoffs.  Tomorrow night, the battle begins with a sidelined Rose.  Can the Bulls win this series without their big star?  They probably will but it will be a real test.  Guys are going to have to step up in energy output and effort.  If the Bulls rebounded well, they have to rebound better.  Expect the team to raise their game and the Bulls will hold court at home.Continue reading "Life Without Derrick In Playoffs"

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Butler, Mirotic lead Bulls over Grizzlies 103-97 (Yahoo Sports)

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From Yahoo Sports

Butler, Mirotic help Bulls put end to Grizzlies'6-game win streak

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) Jimmy Butler scored 31 points, Nikola Mirotic added a season-best 27, and the Chicago Bulls snapped Memphis'six-game winning streak with a 103-97 victory over the Grizzlies on Friday night. [read full article]

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Butler scores 35, Bulls beat Knicks 103-97 (Yahoo Sports)

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Anthony sits out Knicks' game against Bulls (Yahoo Sports)

CHICAGO (AP) -- New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony sat out Thursday night against the Chicago Bulls because of a sore left knee. [read full article]

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Knicks'Carmelo Anthony sits out vs. Bulls because of sore knee

New York forward Carmelo Anthony will sit out the Knicks'game Thursday night against the Chicago Bulls because of a sore left knee. [read full article]

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